Text (term, word, tag) Clouds

Examples of tag clouds

A text, term, word or tag cloud, also called a weighted list in visual design, is a representation for text data to show the most prominent terms and their relative prominence. These clouds are typically used to depict keyword metadata (tags) on websites. The importance of each tag is shown with font size or color.

When used as website navigation aids, the terms are hyperlinked to items associated with the tag. Compared to conventional navigation, tag clouds can provide visitors with an instant illustration of the main topics, giving a very specific and precise orientation of the site’s content. Examples and good practice for tag clouds, with a gallery, have been published in 2007 by Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of the Smashing Magazine.

There is a number of on-line tools available which help designers to create tag clouds automatically. A few links are listed hereafter :

It’s also easy to generate hand-made tag clouds by creating the required number of css-classes and applying them to the HTML code.

Example :

div {text-align:left; font-family:Arial; background-color:white; border: 1px solid silver}
.tag1 {color:red; font-size:12px}
.tag2 {color:blue; font-size:14px}
.tag3 {color:green; font-size:18px}


<a href="url">Term ABC</a>
<a href="url">Term defgh</a>
<a href="url">Term 1234</a>
<a href="url">Term xyz xyz</a>

Additional informations and tools about tag clouds are available at the following links :

Google Art Project

The Google Art Project is a unique online art experience, using a combination of various advanced Google technologies and expert information, provided by 151 acclaimed art partners (museums, galleries, …) from across 40 countries.

Google Art Project

Users can

  • explore a wide range of artworks at brushstroke level detail
  •  take a virtual tour of a museum or gallery (with Street View images and navigation)
  • build their own collections to share (user gallery)
  • enjoy over 30 000 artworks from sculpture to architecture
  • explore over 150 collections
  • edit, reorder, upload Youtube videos and more in the “My Galleries” section
  • use a dedicated Education section providing simple tools to learn about the artworks featured on the Google Art Project

The Google Art Project was launched on 1 February 2011. Seventeen galleries and museums were included in the launch of the project.

In France, the Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France (C2rmf) launched in 2009 the project 3D*COFORM to advance the state-of-the-art in 3D-digitisation and make 3D-documentation an everyday practical choice for digital documentation campaigns in the cultural heritage sector.

LA Re.Play : an exhibition of mobile media art

LA Re.Play, an exhibition of Mobile Art, took place in Los Angeles, February 22-29, 2012. 

Playing upon the dynamic relations between physical place, digital space, and mobile access via smartphone, the mobile artworks highlighted in the exhibit and the panels adopt elements of location-based performance, mobile gaming, and mobile, networked activism to highlight the embodied performance of hybrid place and the social and collective politics of networked space. LA Re.Play explored art that incorporates cell phones, GPS and other mobile technology, revealing the complex social, political, technological and physiological effects of new mixed reality interactions.

LA.Replay was curated by Hana Iverson, Mimi Sheller and Jeremy Hight.

Open Data

Opte Project

A hall of fame of data visualization projects is presented at the digital-art section of Leslie’s Artgallery.

50 great examples of data visualization are presented by the Mass Media Group.

New Zealander Richard MacManus published the contribution “Where to Find Open Data on the Web” on his blog ReadWriteWeb, one of the most popular technology blogs in the world, known for offering insightful analysis about each day’s Internet industry news.

A list of useful links to open source data sets is given below:

Wikipedia : Art & Culture

The following Wikipedia portals are useful for the visual and plastic arts :

english français deutsch
Arts Arts
Art contemporain
Culture Culture
Visual Art
Computer Graphics
Photography Photographie

The following categories are related to visual and plastic arts :

The major topics are :

The lists are :

WikiProjects are :

WikiMedia associated Visual Arts :

Wikipedia : Notability of visual artists

Not all artists are notable. Tyrenius proposed the following rough guidelines to decide if an visual artistic topic is notable for inclusion in Wikipedia :

  • Has had a recognised prize or award at national level.
  • Has won or placed in a major art competition.
  • Has had a significant auction record at a recognised auction house.
  • Has been in international art shows, or has had a nationally recognised show in at least one large or medium-sized country,
  • Has had two or more solo shows in a major gallery or one of the more important artist-run spaces (i.e. an artist-run space with a history of more than a few years and a roster of artists, many of which are notable).
  • Is a significant representative or member of a recognised style, group or movement or artistic community, including the local scene of a city; note that the subject must still meet all ordinary Wikipedia standards, including verifiability.
  • Has been featured in an exhibition which has attained notable status (e.g. Sensation (exhibition)).
  • Has a track record of shows, reviews, awards and other activities sufficient to cumulatively create a notable reputation
  • Has had a major presence in a major show or minor presence in a number of major shows.
  • Has been bought by a major collector, museum, company or institution. (But if this is the only claim, it is probably more appropriate to have a mention in the main article and redirect to that page.)
  • Has created a well-known work of art.
  • Has created a prominent work of art such as public sculpture. (But if this is only of interest as a feature of the locality it is probably more appropriate to have a mention in the article on the locality and redirect to that page.)
  • Appears at reasonable length in standard reference works (NB not paid-for entries in vanity reference works).
  • Has a significant place either personally by e.g. through tuition, or through the example of their work, in the development, work or career of a notable artist; note that it is often most appropriate to use redirects in place of articles on minor figures.
  • Is cited in reliable sources as being influential in style, technique, body of work or teaching in a particular artistic genre.
  • Has established a tradition or school in a particular genre.
  • Has composed a number of artistic works that are standard representations of a notable genre, or tradition or school within a notable genre.
  • Has been recognised as significant artist by a notable group, collective or movement either in terms of an exponent or influence.
  • Is frequently covered in publications devoted to a notable specialisation in art
  • In the case of groups or movements: contains at least one artist who is individually notable or who was once a part of or later joined a group or movement that is otherwise notable; note that it is often most appropriate to use redirects in place of articles on side projects, earlier ventures and such.
  • In the case of groups or movements: has achieved recognition for their style, name, method, activities or membership.

FlickR Widget

This is a Flickr badge showing items in a set called Mannequins. Make your own badge here.

Blurb book “Artist’s Portfolio” of Leslie’s Artgallery

The artbook Artist’s Portfolio edited by Leslie’s Artgallery is ready at the digital book publishing service of Blurb, a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books – reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them.

The book is published in standard portrait format, 4color printing, and includes 129 photos on 120 pages.

The book is available at Blurb’s bookstore for the general public with the following prices (without taxes or shipping) :

  • softcover: 29,95 EUR
  • hardcover dustjacket: 39,95 EUR
  • hardcover imagewrap: 44,95 EUR

The following badge bas been created with the Blurb tools :

Artist’s Portfolio …
By Zenia Malmer & Le…