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Wikipedia : Notability of visual artists

Not all artists are notable. Tyrenius proposed the following rough guidelines to decide if an visual artistic topic is notable for inclusion in Wikipedia :

  • Has had a recognised prize or award at national level.
  • Has won or placed in a major art competition.
  • Has had a significant auction record at a recognised auction house.
  • Has been in international art shows, or has had a nationally recognised show in at least one large or medium-sized country,
  • Has had two or more solo shows in a major gallery or one of the more important artist-run spaces (i.e. an artist-run space with a history of more than a few years and a roster of artists, many of which are notable).
  • Is a significant representative or member of a recognised style, group or movement or artistic community, including the local scene of a city; note that the subject must still meet all ordinary Wikipedia standards, including verifiability.
  • Has been featured in an exhibition which has attained notable status (e.g. Sensation (exhibition)).
  • Has a track record of shows, reviews, awards and other activities sufficient to cumulatively create a notable reputation
  • Has had a major presence in a major show or minor presence in a number of major shows.
  • Has been bought by a major collector, museum, company or institution. (But if this is the only claim, it is probably more appropriate to have a mention in the main article and redirect to that page.)
  • Has created a well-known work of art.
  • Has created a prominent work of art such as public sculpture. (But if this is only of interest as a feature of the locality it is probably more appropriate to have a mention in the article on the locality and redirect to that page.)
  • Appears at reasonable length in standard reference works (NB not paid-for entries in vanity reference works).
  • Has a significant place either personally by e.g. through tuition, or through the example of their work, in the development, work or career of a notable artist; note that it is often most appropriate to use redirects in place of articles on minor figures.
  • Is cited in reliable sources as being influential in style, technique, body of work or teaching in a particular artistic genre.
  • Has established a tradition or school in a particular genre.
  • Has composed a number of artistic works that are standard representations of a notable genre, or tradition or school within a notable genre.
  • Has been recognised as significant artist by a notable group, collective or movement either in terms of an exponent or influence.
  • Is frequently covered in publications devoted to a notable specialisation in art
  • In the case of groups or movements: contains at least one artist who is individually notable or who was once a part of or later joined a group or movement that is otherwise notable; note that it is often most appropriate to use redirects in place of articles on side projects, earlier ventures and such.
  • In the case of groups or movements: has achieved recognition for their style, name, method, activities or membership.

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