My name is Marco Barnig. I am addicted to science and new technologies. My interests are much wider than my competences, but I try to expand the latter to match the former.

I am a retired telecommunications engineer with a research background at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, where I had the opportunity in the early 70’s to work with the first microprocessors Intel 4004, 4040, 8080 and Motorola 6800. At this time ARPANET was born and TCP/IP was emerging.

In UK, Sam Fedida presented in 1974 his invention Viewdata, based on an idea he had in 1968 after reading J.C.R. Licklider’s and Robert W. Taylor’s paper The Computer as a Communication Device. I was fascinated from the idea to have access to the worldwide knowledge (dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, catalogues, teaching programs, data bases, …) with a TV set and I started developing lowcost displays to interact with the computers. Viewdata was  launched as Prestel by the UK Post Office in 1977 and later on as videotex in other countries. The same year I cofounded a small start-up SIMCO s.à r.l. (Société pour l’Informatique, les Mathématiques et les Sciences Commerciales).

In 1978, I joined P&T Luxembourg, the incumbent telecom operator in Luxembourg. At the beginning I was in charge of new telecommunication services : Alarmis, Euronet, Luxpac, Videotex, ISDN, LUXGSM, Internet. Fifteen years later I became responsible for sales and marketing of all telecommunications services. I changed from bits and bytes to customers and contracts.

During my leisure, I continued to follow the progress of the new multimedia technologies. I was and I am still mainly interested in algorithmic music, speech synthesis and speech recognition, 3D animations, artificial intelligence, digital and conceptual art. I created my first personal websites in the late 90’s. In 2004 I received the certificate of appreciation for over 25 years as a ComSoc Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE).

Late 2011 I started to integrate all my various publications, developments, websites and contributions in this new website Internet with a Brain. It’s an ongoing project everytime in construction. With this personal website  I share my experience and opinions about the Internet and about related technologies. The posts in the associated blog have been edited for my own needs. If you find something useful, you are welcome. You should not assume that the information available on this website is exhaustive, balanced, or correct. The information is provided AS IS with no warranties, and confers no rights. I am not responsible for any action, content, products or services or for any damages or losses, directly or indirectly, caused or alleged to have been caused as a result of your use or reliance on information published here.

Feel free to contact me at mbarnig@web3.lu if you have any question. If you want to leave a comment at the website, please use this link.

Presentations & Publications

    • Administrateur sortant et entrant chez Visual Online S.A., 2014
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    • Trace symbols on CRT screen without access to the z-axis, 1997