1. A Congress about Telework in Luxembourg

On the 26th, 27th, and 28th of June 1996, a congress called "Telework, a chance and a challenge for Europe" will take place in the city of Luxembourg. This meeting, placed under the patronage of Mr Jacques Santer, President of the EC, and under the presidency of the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, is organised by Infopartners S.A. and sponsored by the group "La Luxembourgeoise S.A.".

This important event takes place under the umbrella of a global policy of the EC concerning the consequences of and prospects generated by the emergence of a new field of activity: telework.

2. Telework: a new form of partnership

The accelerated growth of new Information Technologies (IT) during the last decade has allowed the appearance and expansion of an original process of collaboration among economic partners, called, for want of something better, telework. This new economic sector actually covers very diverse activities, from simple remote data entry through the establishing of complex synergies among companies or groups.

Similarly, the forms of this collaboration can vary appreciably, covering such specific aspects as traditional salaried work, freelance or occasional partnership, whether at home or in specially-equipped premises.

The target of this colloquy will be first to take stock of the current situation by gathering the protagonists of various existing experiences, and by elaborating a synthesis of the studies and reflections which have already been conducted.

3. A matter of hopes.... and fears

The organisers and particularly the EC are expecting new conclusions from this meeting about the future of telework and its prospects of growth as well as recommendations concerning the harmonisation of the economic, social, legal, and regulatory measures to bring into play.

Indeed, if telework could emerge as a chance for Europe as well as an efficient tool for businesses, it will generate some specific issues tied to the new characteristics of this kind of collaboration.

The fact that a considerable part of the active population will have the opportunity to work at home involves a recasting of the structures already in place on the economic, social, and legislative levels. The harmonious growth of this field of activity will happen by the recognition of the hopes and fears of the population concerned, who do not expect a drop in their living standards or of their conditions of work and social and professional vested interests.

4. A multidisciplinary Congress

This is why, as well as directly concerned company leaders and officials of public services, representatives from the trade union and political world as well as participants from the social sector will also be present.

Similarly, the speakers will be chosen so as to reflect that diversity in order that the exchange of experiences and point of view could lead to an harmonious recognition of the desires of some and the reservations of others.

The subjects approached, both during the conference and round tables, will form an extensive range of realities and projects connected with the development of telework from definition of the concept through provisions concerning its future and the necessary changes of structure and attitude, reviewing all the technical, economic, social, reglementary, and logistical aspects of the subject. The issuess connected with training will also be addressed.

5. A meeting with a European perspective

It is obvious that this congress, placed under the patronage of the President of the EC, will have to kick off with a European perspective. This is why the moderators as well as the participants will come from the different countries of the EC.

The exceptional position of the Grand Duchy, at the crossroads of Europe and one of its main cities, justify the choice of Luxembourg as the seat of this meeting.

26 June 1996

10.00 Opening session
10.30 Visions
Chairman, G. Schaber
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Economic and trade issues
Chairman, M. Lemmel

27 June 27 1996

09.30 Social and education issues
Chairman, Mr. J. Rantanen
12.30 Lunch
14.00 European challenges
Chairman, R. Verrue
20.00 Banquet

28 June 28 1996

09.30 Discussion panel
Chairman, M. Carpentier
12.30 End of the congress

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A chance and challenge for Europe

LUXEMBOURG 26,27,28 June 1996

This congress, which is a part of a global telework policy of the European Commission, will deal with all the issues related to this way of working.

The congress is sponsored by Le Groupe La Luxembourgeoise SA and is supported by the European Commission under the patronage of M. Jacques Santer, President of the European Commission, and is under the effective presidency of M. Juncker, Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Numerous studies and pilot projects which have been completed or are in progess by various organisations will be presented, and their conclusions will be the subject of debates and round tables.

The various subjects covered by this Congress will include: The moderators will be well-known personalities in the teleworking world such as: The papers presented and the round tables will be integrated into the following four major themes: The BIT and other world organisations will also be represented in order to compare European policy on telework with that of other countries.

A very large part of the Congress will be reserved for debates between the participants and the moderators.

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