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  1. Greetings,
    I have read your interesting and useful article listing all available dicom viewers.
    ( )
    We are developing a free dicom rt viewer and dose comparison tool in pure (almost) matlab. It is currently in beta mode, but during the next weeks we are going to release a stable edition (with bugfixes etc.). You can find the beta version here :

    I would be happy if you considered it for your updated list.
    Best regards,
    Vasileios Lahanas

  2. Hi, did I get to the writer of this great page?

    I’m in love with everything smartphone, reading it, hearing about it, talking about it, so no surprise google suggested your article the other day –

    Anyhow, I’m not usually doing this, but I loved the way you look at things, so I thought I might as well write to say thank you (I think today people don’t stop to thank for a good read or resource).

    In the spirit of giving back to the community, I thought you might want to add some more interesting stats to your article. I see you’ve talked about Smartphones in “ Android is the mobile operating systems’ market leader worldwide ”.

    So I thought you might want to throw some more latest stats, like “Proportion of global market smartphones: the current state is 74.13% in favor of Android and 24.79% in favor of iOS”

    You can use this source:

    I thought I’d suggest it, as it might help other smartphone groupies like me, who like geeking over the numbers and stats.

    Best Regards,

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