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  1. Greetings,
    I have read your interesting and useful article listing all available dicom viewers.
    ( )
    We are developing a free dicom rt viewer and dose comparison tool in pure (almost) matlab. It is currently in beta mode, but during the next weeks we are going to release a stable edition (with bugfixes etc.). You can find the beta version here :

    I would be happy if you considered it for your updated list.
    Best regards,
    Vasileios Lahanas

  2. With great respect for your knowledge about science, please change the false information about an unserious company who for years has lied about their old Victorian projection technique, 2Dimensional Peppers Ghost! Musion has never produced a hologram! Nor do they have holographic projectors, they simply has modernised the Peppers Ghost technique, an illusion technique with mirror over 500 years old. See Wikipedia Peppers Ghost. The Nobelprized lasertechnique, holography, see Wikipedia, produces holograms, 3Dimensional pictures that no excisting technique can illustrate. Peppers Ghost or any kind of projection via a mirror has nothing to do with holograms. What Musion and HologramUSA is marketing is like saying: a bike is a car! With the help from press, media, bloggers these unserious companies manage to missuse a Nobelprized technique. And on the top of all lies they copy Swedish holography pioneers company names, HoloMedia and Holovision, both over 35 years old to market 2D video projected films! A Swedish man is behind the copied company names and is working with Musion and HologramUSA hiding behind 3D Tech and his other companies trying to sell shares based on a faked product. Intelligent people should not go their errands!

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