FeedBurner is a Chicago-based company that provides media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeds. Its Web-based tools, including an extensive feed and blog advertising network, help publishers promote, deliver, and monetize their content on the Web and make feed-based content more accessible and manageable for its end users. In 2007, FeedBurner was acquired by Google.

A FeedBurner Blog is available at the Google website. FeedBurner Stats is Google’s analytics offering for blogs, websites and feeds of all kinds. The service is free with every FeedBurner feed and provides publishers with a comprehensive view of their audience.

The FeedBurner Stats service for feeds provides the following feed-related information:

  • Subscription data (e.g. number of subscribers by day, previous week, last 30 days and all time) and Reach data (the estimated number of individuals clicking or viewing your feed content in a given day)
  • Breakdown of feed readers and aggregators, email services, web browsers and bots by which subscribers are accessing your content
  • Clickthrough tracking
  • Uncommon uses — sites where your content has been resyndicated including other blogs, directories and even spam sites
  • Item enclosure downloads (podcasts)
  • Live hits, conveniently translated to your local time zone

For even more insight, you can activate the following PRO features for no charge:

  • Reach
  • Item views

Today I activated FeedBurner for my Blog.


RSS feeds about contemporary arts

I assembled the following list of handselected rss-feeds about contemporary art :

Luxembourg News :

Integrate rss feeds in a webpage

Last update : December 28, 2011
To integrate rss (Really Simple Syndication) feeds in a webpage, different technical solutions are available.

XSL Transformations

rss feeds are xml documents. To transform xml documents into another format like XHTML or HTML, XSL Transformations (XSLT) are used. XSL stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language. I tried this technique in 2006 with the artpet.lu website and I run into several problems with browser incompatibilities needing browser specific code selectors in the related javascript file.

Javascript widgets

A second possibility is to use a Javascript widget displaying the parsed rss data provided by a third party rss to HTML service.

The following list shows a few rss to javascript providers :

Flash Widgets

Some rss  to HTML providers offer Flash widgets to display the parsed rss data.


PHP coupled up with HTML is the favored method for showing RSS feeds on a website when it comes to search engine optimization.

Among the php scripts, Magpie RSS, published by Kellan Elliot-Mcrea under a GPL licence, is widely considered to be the most robust option, with SimplePie coming as a second best with the less restrictive BSD license and a few additional features. SimplePie is a fast and easy to use PHP library for parsing RSS and Atom, written by Ryan Parman and Geoffrey Sneddon. There are a number of alternative RSS-Libraries for PHP, including lastRSS.php, PEAR::XML_Feed_Parser, PEAR::XML_RSS, rss2array and PHP RSS News Parser.

I installed SimplePie on my hosted webserver a few years ago. The provided testscript to ensure that the basic requirements have been addressed by the server and that you have everything you need to run SimplePie properly is very helpful.



I use the php technique at the www.lesliesartgallery.eu website.

Late 2011, I prefer the Google Feed API solution to quickly integrate feeds on my websites.

BlackBerry RSS reader

Viigo Inc. develops and markets one of the world’s most popular mobile content and services applications for smartphones. With over 5,000 channels and information services, Viigo customers around the world enjoy up‐to‐the minute access to news, weather, sports, stocks and markets, entertainment, and blogs in one intuitive, simple, freely-downloadable application.

Viigo offers a free beta version of an RSS reader for BlackBerry. This third party application is also used by RIM executives, as stated by crackberry.com, the #1 site for BlackBerry users & abusers.