vvvv : multipurpose real-time video synthesis toolkit

last update : January 30, 2013

vvvv is a multipurpose toolkit focusing on real-time video synthesis, connecting physical devices, and developing interactive media applications and systems. Because vvvv is basically a very modular multipurpose construction toolkit, it can be used to create many kinds of custom-built applications. The development of vvvv was initiated 1998 by Sebastian Oschatz and Max Wolf at MESO to built a high performance multimedia tool to set up artistic and commercial projects. They were joined shortly after by Sebastian Gregor who invented many of the core algorithms. In 2000 Joreg joined the team at MESO to set up the graphical user interface as his diploma thesis. In the first years vvvv was used exclusively as an inhouse tool. The first public release was in december 2002.

In 2006 the further development of vvvv was handed over to the vvvv group consisting out of Joreg, Sebastian Oschatz, Sebastian Gregor and Max Wolf, which will coordinate further developments of the software.

The current version is vvvv45beta29 released on 24th December 2012.