Email Encoder and Spam Blocker for Web Forms

Spam is a great problem for all website owners. A simple method to stop email harvesters from picking up e-mail addresses from web pages consist in encoding the email address in hexadecimal characters. By encoding the entire e-mail address including the “mailto” portion, most e-mail harvesters (except the most sophisticated) can’t find it. If they can’t find it, they can’t send spam to it.

A free hexadecimal email encoder is offered on the website from K’nechtology Inc

To protect web-forms from spam abuse, more sophisticated solutions are required. Spam Blocker For Web Forms is  a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for protection of web forms from being parsed and used for sending spam emails. Includes adjustable spam filters and anti spam source code protection. I use a registered version since more than a year with great success.

Spam Blocker For Web Forms is developped by Dmitry Konovalov from White Stranger Group. The current version is 1.1, a single user license is available for 40 US$, a business license for 60 US$.