Second Life and OpenSim mobile clients

Two mobile grid clients are available for Second Life or OpenSim virtual worlds :

Pocket Metaverse (for iOS ; version 1.8.0 ; $4.99)
The following features are provided :

  • Instant Messaging & Chat
  • Friends List with Who’s Online
  • World Map and Teleporting
  • MiniMap with Who’s Nearby
  • Profiles, Groups, Search
  • Giving, Receiving, and Managing Inventory
  • Read Notecards and view Snapshots and Textures
  • Upload and Download from the Photo Album and Camera (iPhone only)
  • Payments
  • and more

The app does not show a 3D world view.

Mobile Grid Client (for Android ; version 1.19 ; monthly fee L$250)

The following features are provided :

  • messaging client/viewer with local chat
  • IM
  • group chat
  • people search
  • mini map
  • the ability to teleport
  • inventory support
  • and more

The app does not show a 3D world view.

Linden Lab, the company that created Second Life and grew that online community into one of the most colorful, varied online social networks in the world, recently launched some new products. One is Creatorverse, an app for Apple and Android phones and tablets that is designed around a very different type of collaborative, creative play from Second Life.