Bio:Fiction was the world’s first synthetic biology film festival. The first and original festival took place at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna, Austria, from 13-14th of May 2011. Since then Bio:Fiction is officially on tour around the world. The festival provided information and dialogue about synthetic biology in an attractive, factual and entertaining way.

Synthetic biology aims at applying engineering principles to biology. The DNA of an organism is no longer manipulated, but programmed on a computer and built up from scratch.

The Festival marked also the beginning of the synbio art exhibition Synth-ethics in the Museum, that presented biotech art objects related to synthetic biology. The exhibition featured 10 artist and lasted from May 14th to June 26th, 2011.

The exhibition was produced by Biofaction KG and is part of the Cinema and Synthetic Biology project, funded by GEN-AU ELSA.