CTX944 Dual DVB-T/DVB-S TV card

The CTX944 dual TV card supports analog TV, DVB-T, DVB-S and S-Video composite Video-In/Audio-In. This card is compliant with the PCI 2.2 Medion card used in the Medion MD8800 PC launched by ALDI in november 2005. The CTX948 is the single version of the CTX944.

The CTX944 and CTX484 cards are manufactured by Creatix, a german multimedia company. The main chips are Philips SAA7131E, TDA8275A and TDA8263..

The SAA7131E combines a digital global standard low IF demodulator for analog TV with a PCI audio and video decoder. The IF demodulator is an alignment-free digital multi standard vision and sound low IF signal PLL demodulator for positive and negative video modulation. It can be used worldwide for M/N, B/G/H, I, D/K and L/L’ standards.

The analog/DVB-T section is contolled by the Philips TDA8275A chip, the DVB-S section by the Philips TDA8263 chip.

The card is supported by the following software tools :