MapLib : Turn any image into a Google Map

MapLib is an application created by Xiao Yisheng that allows you to upload a large image and instantly apply the Google Maps interface to it for easy viewing. Upload an image as large as 6000 x 6000 and embed it on a website with the Google Maps viewing interface. Large images with abundant depth and detail can be annotated. Detailed business related product photos can be described by owners or other visitors to the image. A large photo with many people or places can be annotated like a Google Map.

MapLib API is still in beta stage. There may be some unexpected bugs. MapLib offers free accounts with limited features, pro accounts for 35 US$ per year with enhanced features and super accounts (call for price) with unlimited features. provides a javascript API to embed generated pictures in a user’s own webpage, with full flexibility.

MapLib offers also a solution called Integrator to let you host the generated maps on your own server, which means, all the generated information, including pictures, php files, javascript files, html files and markers. This allows to make the maps running without connecting to every time. The prices without full sources are 120 US$ for the advanced single site solution (maximum 10 maps) and 300 US$ for the premium single site solution (unlimited number of maps). For the solutions with full sources, to customize the presentation, the prices are 200 US$ and 500 US$.