Zoomify : zoomable web images

Zoomify makes high-quality images zoom-and-pan for fast, interactive viewing on the web with just HTML, JPEGs, and Flash! Zoomify’s products meet the high-resolution imaging needs of creative professionals, image-centric businesses, and digital appliance companies. Zoomify is revolutionizing digital imaging in science, business, entertainment, education, and security.

Led by David Urbanic, President & CEO, Zoomify’s founders include top technologists and business staff from companies including Apple, Borland, Adobe and other leading firms.

There are four products available : Zoomify Express (free), Zoomify Design (29 US$), Zoomify Flash (129 US$) and Zoomify Enterprise (795 US$).

A detailed FAQ section is available at the website of Zoomify.