HDR : high-dynamic-range imaging

Last update : December 25, 2021

HDR (High-dynamic-range imaging) is a set of methods used in imaging and photography to capture a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods. The two main sources of high-dynamic-range images are computer renderings and merging of multiple standard-dynamic-range (SDR) photographs created with exposure bracketing.

As the popularity of the HDR imaging method increased in the last years, several camera manufactures are now offering built-in high-dynamic-range features. HDR is also integrated in new smartphones. Since iOS4.1, Apple iPhones have a built-in HDR functionality. Android launched HDR mode for the camera app in version 4.2 (Jelly Bean); Blackberry introduced HDR in the Z10 with OS update 10.1.


HDR Photo by Jon Rutlen on Flickr

A very detailed contribution about concepts, standards and related aspects of HDR has been published by Digiarty Software Inc. The following links provide some ancient information about HDR :