Dream Bank

Last update : August 9, 2013

The Psychology Department of the University of California, Santa Cruz, offers access to their Dream Bank, a collection of over 20.000 dream reports in English and 6.000 dream reports in German, coming from a variety of different sources and research studies, from people ages 7 to 74.

The reports can be analyzed using a search engine and statistical programs built into the Dream Bank website. Several of the people who contributed dreams to the Dream Bank wrote prefaces to their journals which are also available. A summary of the collection available for search is presented in the grid.

D. William Domhoff wrote a contribution “Fast Content Analysis Using the Internet” in 2004 based on the search engine. More recent findings have been published in Consciousness and Cognition (17, 1238-1247) in 2008 in the contribution “Studying Dream Content Using the Archive and Search Engine on Dream Bank.net“.