WordPress WPtouch Pro Plugin

Last update : May 22, 2013
WPtouch is a free WordPress plugin that automatically transforms a WordPress website for mobile devices. The admin panel allows you to customize many aspects of the mobile theme appearance and allows visitors to switch between the mobile view and the site’s regular theme. The latest version of the plugin is, updated May 3, 2013. WPtouch is a trademark of BraveNewCode Inc., a small Canadian company established in 2008 by Duane Storey and Dale Mugford.

WPtouch pro is the enhanced version of the WordPress Plugin. I subscribed to the “old” pro version in December 29, 2010 for the current website. The latest version of this old plugin is 2.8.2, support will continue until July 5th, 2013. On May 22, 2013 I purchased a license for the new WPtouch pro 3 plugin for my family website blog.

WPtouch Pro includes a unique feature called Developer Mode. When Developer mode is enabled WPtouch Pro will load on ALL browsers. You can enable Developer Mode for your Mobile theme or your iPad theme via the menu General > Tools and Debug.