Virtual Chumby

Chumby is a content platform that serves flash-based apps across mutiple devices. Current chumby devices include :

  • Chumby 8
  • Classic Chumby
  • Chumby One
  • Sony Dash
  • Insignia Infocast
  • Chumby for Android

The Chumby Dashboard allows to create channels and to add apps to the channels. The display time per app can be customized (from a few seconds to a few minutes or forever). The channels can be selected on the Chumby device and the apps are shown sequentially.

A virtual chumby is a chumby that plays on any computer like a real chumby — except it’s doing it in cyberspace. The only difference with the virtual chumby is that it won’t show certain apps to protect your privacy.

The following virtual Chumby shows the channel marco from my Chumby account.