Tools for Flash 3D engines

The following tools are available to import and animate objects or to add other features to the 3D Flash engines :

Cast 3D

Cast3D is 3D animation framework library for Adobe Flash in ActionScript3. The foundation is a multi key-framed geometrical animation. Cast3D supports geometry and texture morphing, skin animation, 3D sound, animated movie and video. A number of animation interpolation splines is implemented to provide smooth and natural motion, like Bezier, TCB, Hemite(cubic), Cosine and Linear.

Cast3D does not have it’s own rendering engine. So for 3D graphics rendering Cast3D currently is ported to popular 3D engines, Sandy3D and Papervision3D. Version 0.98 of Cast 3D was released on august 12, 2009 under MIT licence.

AwayBuilder (PreFab3D)

The PreFab3D tool (AwayBuilder) simplifies common tasks, improve the workflow and greatly enhance the visual quality of the Flash 3D productions. It’s a small but powerfull tool that can add visual quality to low polygon models using a nice bag of tricks thanks to the advanced rendering capabilities of Away3D.


JSAway, created by fellow Away3D team member Stephen White, brings the capability of the Away3D Flash 3D graphics API to the web and exposes it’s capability to JavaScript for rich interactive 3D web development.


JiglibFlash is a open source Actionscript 3D Physics Engine. FIVe3D support for JigLibFlash has now been added to the JigLibFlash SVN library.