Nabaztag choreographies

updated: 2.8.2010

Nabaztag choreographies contains led control and ear control. Each of the five leds can be controlled to have RGB values from 0-255. Ears can be moved to certain positions from 0x0 to 0x12 forwards or backwards. Also there is a possibility to move an ear forwards a certain step count. These files are made from three parts. First there is a header which contains the length of bytes and in middle there is the data and at the end four zero bytes.

00 00 00 08 00 07 02 255 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Choreography files are timed and this reflects also to the command bytes. First byte of command bytes tells how long to wait before playing a new command from the beginning of last command (ts = timesteps). Second byte tells the type of command. After these two bytes there can be any amount of bytes relative to the command.

The different commands (orange data) are :

  • TEMPO command (code 01, default tempo = 10;  tempo = 1 > timestep = 10 ms;  tempo = 100 > timestep = 1s) :
    ts 01 10
  • LED command (code 07, LED-id, red, green, blue, two zero bytes) :
    ts 07 02 FF FF 00 00 00
  • EAR command (code 08, right=0 or left=1 ear, ear position 0-18, forward=0 or backward=1) :
    ts 08 00 05 01
  • EAR STEP command (code 0B, right=0 or left=1 ear, steps forward) :
    ts 11 01 0A
  • MIDI command (code 0A, play random note) :
    ts 10
  • CHOR command (code 0E, LED-id, code F0): set LED to Palette-color  (PL commande in message) or to Preset-color (CL command in message)
    ts 0E 01 F0
  • IFNE command ( synchronizes choreography to sound; details unknown) :
Nabaztag Flash

Nabaztag Flash

There are different choreography editors available (none with support of MIDI or CHOR command) :

Choreography Maker

Bunny Messenger