Facebook Javascript API

The new Facebook Javascript API handles the following methods :

Core methods

  • FB.init : Initializes the library
  • FB.login : Login/Authorize/Permissions
  • FB.logout : Logout the user in the background
  • FB.api : Make a API call to the Graph API
  • FB.ui : Method for triggering UI interaction with Facebook as iframe dialogs or popups, like publishing to the stream, sharing links
  • FB.getLoginStatus : Find out the current status from the server, and get a session if the user is connected
  • FB.getSession : Synchronous accessor for the current Session (less overhead as the asynchronous access)

Data Access Utilities

  • FB.Data.query : Performs a parameterized FQL query and returns a FB.Data.query object which can be waited on for the asynchronously fetched data
  • FB.Data.waitOn : Wait until the results of all queries are ready

Event Handling

XFBML methods

Canvas methods

Some useful tutorials about the new Facebook Javascript SDK are listed hereafter :

  • Mahmud Ahsan on Thinkdiff.net: Graph api & javascript base Facebook Connect tutorial
  • Abu Ashraf Masnun on masnun.com : Using The Facebook Graph API with js-sdk : An explanatory Tutorial
  • timware on Hyperarts : How to Add Facebook’s XFBML Like Button & Social Plugins to Your Web Pages & WordPress Posts

A very useful development tool is the Test Console made available by Facebook.