Twitter Applications and API

Twitter has received a lot of attention from developpers. A very useful list of all available applications, bots, scripts, programs and other informations related to Twitter is published on the Twitter Fan Wiki.

The Twitter API wiki documentation currently divides the API into two categories: the REST API Documentation and the Search API Documentation. The Search API uses a slightly different syntax and is documented separately because it was developed independently at Summize, a company that Twitter has since acquired; while the Search API is still pretty straightforward and RESTful, plans are underway to make it more consistent with Twitter’s other REST API methods. More informations are available on the website.

For most popular programming languages, there exist a Twitter API library that lets you send and receive tweets and other Twitter-related information using the syntax and data structures of those programming languages. Libraries for the Twitter Api for different programming languages are listed on the Twitter Development Google Groups website and on the Twitter website.

There are six Java projects kwown related to the Twitter Api :