TinEye, PixID, Piximilar : advanced image software by Idée Inc.

The canadian company Idée Inc. was founded by Leila Boujnane (CEO) and Paul Bloore (CTO). The company develops advanced image identification and visual search software.

PixID is an innovative video and still–image identification system that analyzes each client’s visual assets and actively tracks where their images have appeared, both in print publications and on the Internet. Idée’s proprietary software creates a digital fingerprint for each client image and compares it to images scanned from publications and crawled from the web.

Piximilar allows users to analyze, index and search quickly and efficiently through vast image and video collections based on visual similarity. Piximilar’s visual similarity technology uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze hundreds of image attributes such as colour, shape, texture, luminosity, complexity, objects and regions. These attributes form a unique visual signature.

With the Multicolr Search Lab, you can browse through 10 million of Flickr’s most ‘interesting’ Creative Commons images, and find ones that share the same colours. Choose up to 10 colours from our palette of 120 different shades.

TinEye is the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology. Given an image to search for, TinEye tells you where and how that image appears all over the web—even if it has been modified. Just as you are familiar with entering text in a regular search engine such as Google to find web pages that contain that text, TinEye lets you submit an image to find web pages that contain that image. A beta version of TinEye is operationel.

TinEye Mobile allows you to search for products using your mobile phone’s camera.

The Idée Labs offer two other applications : Visual Search Lab and BYO Image Search Lab, both from the Alamy Stock Photos.