HTML5 Test website

screen snap of the test results

A very useful HTML5 test tool has been created by Niels Leenheer. The goal is to show an indication of how well a browser supports the upcoming HTML5 standard and related specifications. The test tool was upgraded in June 2010 (see the blog).

The maximum score of the test is 300 points. The support of one or more codecs provides additional bonus points.

The results for my installed browsers are :

  • Chrome Canari (beta 10.0.614.0) : 244 points + 13 bonus points
  • Chrome 8.0.552.224 : 231 points + 13 bonus points
  • Safari 5.0.3 : 207 points + 7 bonus points
  • Firefox 4 beta 8 : 197 points + 9 bonus points
  • iPod Touch 4 (version 4.2.1  8C148) : 196 points + 7 bonus points
  • Firefox 3.6.13 : 139 points + 4 bonus points (no H264 support)
  • IE 9.0.7930 : 96 points + 5 bonus points
  • IE 8.0.6001 : 27 points, no bonus points
  • BlackBerry Bold 9000 (version : 14 points, no bonus points

Niels Leenheer stated on his blog that there are problems with the HTML5 video codec detection in most browsers. Safari and Chrome report an answer “probably” with the javascript  canPlayType() command even if the codec indicated is a dummy. I experienced the same behavior in my test environment. Today it’s not possible to check what profile is supported in browsers implementing the MIME video/mp4.

The Web Standards Project’s operates also a test website called Acid Tests site.

W3C provides the mobileOK Checker (version 1.4.2). This work is part of the MobiWeb 2.0 project supported by the European Union’s 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7). The checker is based on the open source mobileOK checker library developed by the Mobile Web Best Practices working group.