Development of facebook applications

The Facebook guide Creating a Platform Application shows how to configure the settings and integration points for a Facebook Platform application and how to configure a host server. Demo applications are also available on the Facebook development website. The Anatomy of a Facebook Application is useful to get an idea how to integrate an application into the Facebook experience. If you plan on internationalizing your application, you should use English as the native language, as the Translations tool can translate from English only. Platform guidelines,  terms of service (Statement of Rights and Responsibilities) and Facebook Platform Policy and Escalation Procedures are accessible on the same website. The following guide explains how applications are authorized, the Developers blog runs all major Facebook announcements.

The following url gives access to the personal facebook developer webpage :

The developer API key is linked to the domain name.

Integration of an application in Facebook can take many forms :

  • The Application Directory allows users to find an application
  • The About page tells users about an application
  • The Canvas page is the main page of the application (FBML or an iframe
  • The Facebook profile is the online representation of a user’s real world identity
  • The profile box is usually the place to show the most recently updated information or the most recent actions of the user
  • The Applications menu is where users go to access your applications
  • Bookmarks appear on every user’s home page as well as on the Applications menu
  • Application tabs let users feature full canvas-like pages for applications they enjoy the most
  • The Boxes tab contains application profile boxes
  • The Info tab on the profile allows users to express their interests in a more structured way than before
  • Applications can integrate into the Publisher so users can create or find rich content and post it directly into their own or their friends’ Walls
  • Feed forms are special FBML components that allow applications to publish Feed stories on the behalf of users. Your application can publish directly into the user’s and the user’s friends’ Mini-Feeds
  • Users can set their privacy options from your application’s privacy/settings page
  • Applications can access News Feed and post stories to it
  • Applications can send notifications to a user through email
  • Requests are also sent in the form of notifications and displayed on the right top corner of the homepage
  • Dashboards allow users to manage their own content in an application

Ten succesfully integrations of Facebook Connect into websites are presented by Aziz Haddad (in french).