Cosmic Evolution

Last update : July 17, 2013
Eric Chaisson defined the grand scenario of cosmic evolution as follows :

cosmic evolution = physical evolution + biological evolution + cultural evolution

Eric Chaisson segmented the physical evolution in five epochs :

  • Particulate evolution
  • Galactic evolution
  • Stellar evolution
  • Planetary evolution
  • Chemical evolution
Cosmic Evolution : Time Arrow by Eric Chaisson

From Big Bang to Humankind : Time Arrow by Eric Chaisson

Eric Chaisson uses an time arrow to highlight salient features of cosmic history, from the Big Bang to the present, encompassing 14 Giga Years (Ga). He defined the concept of free energy rate density as the amount of energy that flows through a certain amount of mass during a certain period of time. The concept of power density was not new, but Eric Chaisson has been the first to make a systematic comparison of these values all across nature.

Eric Chaisson’s understanding of the cosmic evolution is related to the Big History.

The following list shows links to websites with further informations about cosmic evolution: