National Semiconductor Introkit SC/MP

J’ai reçu le kit KB SC/MP de National Semiconductor comme 9ième prix lors du concours de circuits électroniques, organisé par le magazine Elektronik en 1977, pour ma contribution d’un jeu du moulin électronique (electronic mill game).

Dans la suite j’ai bricolé un boîtier d’interface pour alimenter le kit et pour le connecter à des circuits électroniques avec la technologie wrapping.

La description du kit qui suit a été copiée du site web du musée technique

Launched in 1976, the Introkit appeared to be very popular. It was the first affordable all-in-one computer everyone could acquire to know a bit about computers. The basic version was really minimalist: one SC/MP (or “Scamp”) microprocessor, one 512-byte ROM containing a monitor program and 256 bytes of RAM for user’s programs.

The system was designed to connect to a Teletype – the CPU had serial In and Out pins, but very few hobbyist could afford this massive and expensive equipment. National Semiconductor thus released an optional display kit which was comprised of an add-on card that fitted onto the main board, and a modified calculator for keyboard and display. The machine also needed a dual voltage PSU

Once everything soldered and wire-wrapped, the Introkit was a complete computer and an efficient learning tool. The novice programmer could enter, modify and run programs and thus learn all hardware and software basic concepts of any computing system.

Several of these kits – and other SC/MP machines, were connected to larger computers thanks to the unique and advanced ability of the SC/MP CPU to completely share its system bus with other processors, and thus run smoothly in a multiprocessor environment.

Kit KB SC/MP de National Semiconductor

Boîte d’interface bricolée pour alimenter et étendre le kit KB SC/MP de National Semiconductor

Vue intérieure du boîtier d’interface pour le kit KB SC/MP de National Semiconductor