Spoon virtualization

On November 8th, 2010, Spoon announced the immediate availability of the world’s first free cloud hosting service for desktop applications. Spoon allows software developers to make their existing desktop applications available in the cloud, with no installs. Spoon applications can be accessed from the Spoon.net library or embedded into any website, blog, or social edia service as a “Spoon Feed” with a single line of HTML.

Unlike other forms of cloud computing, Spoon completely preserves the richness and responsiveness of traditional desktop applications. Users can save files to local folders, print, and even migrate offline to continue working while disconnected. Spoon’s unique virtualization technology completely eliminates dependencies and conflicts, and seamlessly handles patches and upgrades.

Today I created an account at spoon.net and installed the spoon plugin. I was able to succesfully  run different browser versions of Firefox and Safari in the cloud (without insallting these browsers on my laptop)  to test the compliance of a current web design project with these browsers. I am impressed by this new cloud technology.