OSgrid : the largest running OpenSimulator grid

Last update : April 10, 2013

OSgrid logo

OSgrid logo

OSgrid is the largest running OpenSimulator grid, run by OSGrid Inc., a Californian Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. Users can connect their own Sim-regions to the grid for free. OSgrid recommends the Hippo Viewer provided by MJM Labs. This viewer includes a list of public OSgrids.

End november 2009, OSgrid countet 34 inworlds, 3,105 regions and 28,546 accounts. Mid April 2013, there are 8696 regions and 88.381 total users.

The OSgrid website provides statistics, forums, chats, photos, news, a general store with free items, a wiki, a region lists with connected Sims and a list with the coordinates of free spots. OSGrid “map tiles” are only reserved while a region is online, if a region is offline it risks having it’s location taken by another user. OSGrid Admins may help resolve map position disputes, however this is not her responsibility.

A detailed documentation how to connect a Simulator to the OSgrid and how to configure the .ini-file is available on the OSgrid website.