Display extended informations about media files

Last update : January 30, 2013

I set up a list with useful software tools to display extended informations about media files :

  • MediaInfo : open source (GPL or LGPL licence) tool with user friendly user interface;
  • FLV MetaData Viewer (FLVMDV) : free tool to adds ‘FLV Details’ tab to the file windows properties dialog
  • TSPE (Transport Stream Packet Editor) : shareware from BitStreamTools
  • CodecVisa : powerful H.264/AVC real-time analyzer for H.264/AVC and VP8 video codecs
  • GSpot : codec information appliance
  • StreamEye tools : powerful applications from elecard, designed to analyze video quality, troubleshoot problems in the encoded stream for further video compression optimization, and ensure compliance to the video standards
  • VideoInspector : free video tool from KC Software
  • TSReader : free lite, payed standard and payed professional  MPEG-2 Transport Stream Analysis and Recording software